About John Scibran


My name is John Scibran (pronounced SKI-bran). I currently live in Belmont, New Hampshire. I recently retired from Hospital work and going to pick up my quilting again.

I've been making quilts for more than 20 years. After a number of years making quilts and other items, including men's shirts, I found myself in a position to change things. I moved to Dutchess County, New York and opened Quilted Bear Den, a quilt shop in Hyde Park, NY. I was privilaged to get a Handiquilter HQ16 and was able to start machine quilting for my customers. After about 5 years in business, Hurricane Irene came along and flooded the shop with 3 feet of water. Unable to reopen, we decided it was time for another change and we moved to New Hampshire to start anew. No longer interested in having a quilt shop, but still interested in quilting. Now that I've retired, I would like to start taking quilts in again to quilt.

I can be reached on my Cell Phone at: 914-924-0895, by e-mail at: quiltedbearden2@gmail.com and on Facebook @QuiltedBearDen