Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcome to Quilted Bear Den's Blog. My name is John Scibran and I live in Belmont, NH. I owned a quilt shop in Hyde Park, New York called Quilted Bear Den. I also did some long arm quilting in the shop. In 2006, Hurricane Irene flooded the shop with 3 feet of water and decided not to reopen. We decided it was time to move and decided on New Hampshire as a great place to "retire". I then decided to get a job and started working at the local hospital. Since then I have continued to quilt, making quilts and project for myself and quilting a few quilts for friends and family. I have now decided it is time to start bringing in quilts again. I have a Handiquilter Avante in my studio, which I've been using on my own quilts. Over the next few weeks I hope to show you some more of my work.

The first piece is one I just finished. The quilt is a design by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions called "How Does Your Garden Grow?" The top is wool applique and is hand stitched. The rest of the quilt is machine pieced and quilted. The original border design for the quilt was not my style, so I redesigned it using motifs from the block appliques. I think it came out real nice.

Please check out the other pages on my blog. One has my price list for quilting, one lists the proper way to prepare you quilt for long arm quilting. The third page has a little bit of my history. If you need a quilt completed and would like me to quilt it for you, please contact me. My e-mail address is You can also contact me through my Facebook page  @QuiltedBearDen.